SOHN pristine debut, “Tremors,” sets the tone from its first song. The wall of synths in “The Tempest” glistens and the music’s shine produces its own warmth. So does Sohn’s voice. It’s choir-boy-high and cherub-sweet, but it also holds a sadness, deepened by the loneliness of the lyrics. Sohn stoked his isolation in the recording process. Though he hails from South London, the musician born Christopher Taylor moved to Vienna in 2010 to both absorb the electronic scene and bask in the city’s architectural formality and circumspect character. He recorded the music by himself, at night. The songs reflect that quietude and concentration. For his latest live shows, Sohn will bring allies into the fold. His shows this week at Bowery Ballroom and Rough Trade NYC will feature a bassist and second synth player. Sohn’s sound isn’t without precedent. He mines a moaning approach similar to that of artists like James Blake or Lana Del Rey. Earlier in his career, he produced and remixed songs for the latter star.Tremors [VINYL] Bloodflows [VINYL] New York Daily