Tonight Alive have released a new single just months after their second album, The Other Side, was released. They have been touring non-stop, doing almost back to back tours with All Time Low in the UK and Taking Back Sunday and The Used in the US. In that time they’ve somehow managed to write a new song. However this is not a single for an upcoming album: the five-piece band have written a track exclusively for the soundtrack of The Amazing Spiderman 2: Rise of Electro. The song is the main single for the soundtrack , and will be featured at the end credits of the movie. The Edge is 100% Tonight Alive. The track starts with an electrifying guitar solo, leading to the first verse where lead singer Jenna’s mesmerising voice steals the show. Whilst I obviously haven’t seen the movie yet, the lyrics are great, with a lot of depth and could be adapted to any kind of situation – fit for a movie or just a regular single. The up-tempo song also has that epic movie feel to it, which is perfect considering Spiderman is a huge blockbuster action movie The Other Side What Are You So Scared Of? All Shape & Disguises