Kylie Minogue says her next tour won't have all the over-the-top shenanigans of her previous tours and will be more stripped back. Kylie Minogue's next tour will be more "streamlined". The 'Into the Blue' singer is known for her show-stopping, lavish tours, but she has now decided to strip back the production on her upcoming 'Kiss Me Once' Tour and has taken inspiration from the intimate feel of her own house. She explained: "I'm currently obsessed with this kind of 1970s, soft-focus sexiness - I mean, I'm on the verge of putting a brown-orange sofa and maybe an orange lamp in my house. "My shows have a reputation for being over-the-top, but I really want this one to be more streamlined, with more of that vibe. "There will probably still be glitter and feathers. I just definitely don't think bigger is necessarily." The pint-sized star parted ways with her manager of 25 years, Terry Blamey, last year to join Jay Z's Roc Nation, and she claims it was the "perfect time" to switch management teams.