Taylor Swift fan was arrested near the songstress' beach front home after reportedly swimming up to her property with the intention to meet her. A 22-year-old male was taken into custody for trespassing in the early hours of this morning after admitting he swam up to Taylor's Rhode Island abode. According to TMZ, police officials "spotted the man getting out of the ocean, around 1 mile from Swift's home" at around 2.20 am. The overzealous fan reportedly admitted he wanted to get closer to Taylor, and when asked about his actions by police he said "he had just completed a swim, in which he intended to meet [her]." According to sources, the man - from the Chicago area - revealed he swam to Taylor's beach before heading back after spotting her security team. The trip was roughly two miles round. The suspect is still in custody at a nearby police station. The Westerly Police Department told TMZ that they have already discussed the situation with Taylor's security team, while admitting they are taking the matter very seriously. "There is a zero tolerance policy for trespassers," the statement said. It isn't the first time Taylor has come across an obsessed fan. At the end of last year, 24-year-old Jacob Nicholas Kulke was arrested after climbing a fence and a secured gate at her home in Nashville.4music